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Tempus’ electric bike stands out because of its design that recalls the form of a 1960’s cafe racer motorcycle. The result is a bike that boldly brings together the newest battery and motor technology with a stylish motif of the past, combining all the ease of riding a bicycle with the power and looks of a motorcycle.
— Julian Neira | Designboom
Make it look good and make it look different was the plan. Great design was the top priority for Toronto-based Tempus Electric Bike’s new Titan for founders Xavier Chan and Ikenna Ofoha. Rather than create a swoopy, futuristic-looking bike, Chan and Ofoha looked back in time to early cafe racers.
— Bruce Brown | Digital Trends
Cafe’ racers were popular 50-plus years ago, and they are currently enjoying a resurgence with all the major motorcycle manufacturers producing some sort of cafe’-tastic model to capitalize on this uptick. It’s no surprise at all that founders Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan blessed The Titan with the same DNA.
— TJ Hinton | Topspeed

The Tempus Lineup

the titan - $3499.99 USD

If you're looking for a retro style electric bike, look no further. The Titan brings together vintage motorcycle designs of the past, with the modern technology of today. Custom crafted and built with high quality parts, this vintage electric bike is perfect if you want it all: style, speed, and quality.

Ride it to work, Explore your city, Get some fresh air, and Enjoy.

The Panther - $1999.99 USD

The Panther is a fat tire electric bike, and the adventurer's dream. Whether you're riding on sand, dirt, grass, or snow, it doesn't matter. Its front suspension and fat tires make it perfect for climbing mountains, and doing everything an off-road e-bike should. 

Ride For Adventure and Ride For The Thrill.     

The Javelin - $1399.99 USD

Don't let the Javelin's size fool you; it's still a beast. This foldable electric bike is nimble, lightweight, and portable which makes it perfect for commuting. When you get to your destination, fold it up and take it inside with you. 

When you're ready to ride, just unfold it, hop on and go. With the Javelin, commuting is that simple!   

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