2019 Titan Deposit

2019 Titan Deposit

from 999.99


This is a Deposit for the 2019 Titan, remaining balance to be paid May 1st: $2000 + Shipping: $999.99 (If outside North America)

The Titan electric cafe racer bike was made to last. Built with aircraft grade steel and modeled after a vintage motorcycle, this retro electric bike is equipped with a 1000W Hub motor, removable lithium ion battery, leather motorcycle seat, has a top speed of 28 MPH (45km/h), and has a 40+ Mile Range (70km). All of this makes The Titan perfect for riding to work, going for a leisurely cruise, exploring the city, going for an off-road adventure, and turning heads.

*Every bike includes color customization and Free Shipping to Canada and the US!

If you select the “custom” color option, we will contact you for more info.

Extra Battery:
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Range Without Pedaling: 25 MILES | 40 KM
Range With Pedaling: 40+ MILES | 70+ KM
Top Speed: 28 MPH | 45KPH
Motor: 1000W BLDC Hub
Battery: 52V 15AH Lithium Ion
Aircraft Grade Chromoly Steel Frame
26 x 2.50 inch Wheels
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
300lbs Max Load
4-5 Hour Recharge Time

We offer a 1 year warranty on non-wearable parts, including: the battery, hub motor, LCD, lights, controller and all other electronics. 5 year warranty on our frames.

*Free Shipping to USA and Canada!

Grab It And Go: Lock your bike, remove the battery, charge it and in 4-5 hours, you're good to go. Grab the battery, plug it into the frame, and laugh your way past other cyclists as you fly past them.

Complete Control: When you ride a Titan, you're in control: You can password lock your bike, adjust your max speed, and choose a pedal assist level. It also shows you how much battery you have left, how fast you're going, and it even has a clock!  

No Such Thing As Too Fast: The last thing you want to be unsure about at 45km/h is how you're going to stop. With hydraulic disc brakes, the Titan can stop on a dime, even while you're riding at top speed. These brakes outperform mechanical disc brakes in both comfort, and stopping power.

A Smooth Ride Every Time: Whether you're cruising around the city, or climbing mountains with your bike, comfortability is key. That's why we added dual crown front suspension forks. Once you try front suspension, you'll never want to ride without it.

Have You Seen It?: We love everything about this bike, but our favourite part of it is the design. An electric bike that looks like a motorcycle?! Sounds pretty awesome...