Wired Magazine - Sept 29/16

E-BIKES MAKE A lot of sense if you aren’t into actually, you know, pedaling a bicycle. Who needs all that work? It’s so much easier to rely upon a motor to get an added boost across town or up a hill. The only problem is they look … well, let’s just say they aren’t terribly hip.

You can see why. Packing a motor and a battery and all that electronics into something so sleek and graceful as a bicycle would make any designer scream. But who says an e-bike has to look like a bike? Why can’t it look like a vintage cafe racer? Read More

Treehugger - dec 30/16

Even as some e-bike manufacturers are working to make their electric bikes look and feel more like conventional bicycles, others are designing them to stand out in a crowd.

The earlier models of e-bikes were decidedly clunky and heavy, at least when compared to conventional bicycles, so the move toward a cleaner look and lighter weight in newer models makes a lot of sense. And many of us may not want our new electric bikes to look out of place on the street or in the bike rack, which may draw unwanted attention from both thieves and bicycle purists alike. But there's another school of thought in electric bike design, which is to make them really stand out and turn heads due to their retro stylings or motorcycle-like features...Read More



Bike Rumor - OCT 20/16

If you like 1960’s era retro styling, Canada’s Tempus is the newest player in the ‘resto-rod’ electric bicycle market, joining others like Oto Cycles who we’ve checked out in the past. Seeking to combine the best elements of motorcycles and bikes, Tempus added today’s technology to a classic look to create their debut model, called the CR-T1. Read More

Top Speed - Sept 23/16

Tempus Electric Bikes based out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, really brings the green with its CR-T1 electric-assist bicycle. This ride combines pedal power with a battery-powered electric motor that provides a sweat-free ride on demand. Owned by a couple of ambitious, young entrepreneurs, TEB is a burgeoning company in its infancy, and for all intents and purposes qualifies as a startup. Production is to commence in 2017, but the pre-production model is complete and is interesting to say the least. So without further ado, lets take a look at what these students of engineering and business have come up with, and see what sets it apart from the growing electric-bike field. Read More

Trend Hunter - Aug 25/16

The Tempus Electric Bikes are specially design motocross bike hybrids that utilize the functional slender shape of a bicycle with the increased speed and power of a racing motorcycle. The end design combines elements from both bicycle styles into one, to create a slender and minimalistic electric bike. Read More