The Titan Electric Bike

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If you're looking for the apex of electric bikes; the perfect blend between vintage design and modern technology - as well as speed, comfort, and versatility - you've found it here.  

The first thing that you should consider when buying any bike or e-bike, is what you will be using it for. Any bike could be used for commuting and any bike could be used for cruising, however, bikes are much more efficient when they're being used for the type of ride that they were made for.

Functionally, The Titan is perfect for those who want an electric bike to get to work, school, cruise around their city. They are also for those who are bored by traditional bike designs.

It is for those that love motorcycle designs, and vintage style even more so. It's for the people who want something that turns heads; an electric bike always has people looking, and approaching to say "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?" - if they can catch you. With great design, comes great responsibility! 

The Titan is ideal for commuting and city riding, but that does not mean that it is unable to go off-road. The Titan is equipped with a dual crown front suspension, meaning that it is great for off-road and more demanding rides as well. If you plan on riding on the sand, snow, or any similar terrain (because of the width of the tires), however, we have other bikes.

One thing to consider before you purchase The Titan, is its price. We understand that The Titan is not the cheapest bike out there, but it's worth it. The reason that it is priced at $3500 USD is because everything is custom built to order, and all of the components we use to build it are premium parts; including the battery, the motor, the frame, the suspension, and everything else that makes The Titan such a great bike.  

The Bottom Line

The Titan is an amazingly high quality electric bike, but it is not for everyone. Whether it's the design, what you're using it for, or the price, that is holding you back - there might be better options. Luckily for you, we offer those options

If you are looking for an e-bike that is budget friendly, and simply functions as an electric bike, you will be happier saving the money, and riding the Panther, or the Javelin.

They still offer everything awesome about electric bikes, plus they are still great bikes by all measures. However, if you are enthusiastic about your bike's style, and quality - and price is not too big of a deal, then this bike is the best that money can buy. Whether you're riding it on the road or off-road, this bike is a purchase you will not regret.

Also, there's free shipping so how could you go wrong?