For Adventurers and Explorers

There are many different types of bikes and electric bikes out there. As a newcomer to the market, it definitely is a bit much to take in all at once. There are cargo bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes, commuter bikes, and everything in between. So how can you tell what type of bike is for you? Hopefully you clicked on this blog post because you are an adventurer / explorer who just can't stay inside. This blog post is made for you, and so is The Panther. Soon, you'll see why.

What Do You Need From Your Bike?

As somebody who loves exploring and seeing what the world has to offer, you're going to want a bike that you can ride anywhere. The truth is, bikes are made for different purposes, and not every bike will be able to take you anywhere. If you've already seen it, you probably noticed that The Panther has 4" knobby tires, as well as front suspension. We wanted to offer a bike that doesn't only look nice, but is rideable in any weather conditions, on any terrain. That's why we love The Panther; it's exactly that.

The awesome thing about this bike, is that although it can be used for off-road and loose terrain, it can still be used to ride on the road. The amount of versatility you can get from a fat-tire bike is pretty astonishing.

Why Fat Tires?

What's unique about fat tires, is their ability to stay on top of loose terrain, like sand, mud and snow, where narrower tires would sink in. Fat tires have a larger surface area, which allows them to grip more of the ground without necessarily digging into it. This makes them perfect for riding anywhere your heart desires whether it is the beach, up a mountain, or through a forest; it doesn't matter when you have fat tires. On the other hand, if you try to ride through the sand with 2.5" tires, they will dig into the sand, and you will get stuck.  

Front suspension too?

If you regularly read these blog posts, you know that we are huge fans of front suspension because they are functional, and they make the bike ride more comfortable (even when it's electric). Front suspension absorbs a lot of the force when going over bumps or hills, which makes for a smoother ride, whether you're on the road or off-road. As an adventurer, you're going to want a bike that can go as far, fast, and for as long as you want to. To us, front suspension is an extremely important part of a bike, and that is why The Panther also has it. 

Is it for you?

As you can see, the biggest features of The Panther are directed towards the adventurer types, and that is why it's the adventurer's ideal electric bike. If you enjoy riding off-road, spontaneous adventures, and going wherever you feel like, there is no better e-bike to ride, than The Panther.        

Xavier Chan