Custom Crafted Or Mass Produced

Let's start this one off with the typical dialogue between us and someone who is interested in our e-bike:

Person: "What is that?"

Us: "It's an electric bike, 1000W rear hub motor, 52V 16Ah lithium ion, 28mph top speed.......more explanation of how it works"

Person: "That's so cool! How much does it cost?"

Us: "$3499 USD ($4499 CAD)."

This is where it goes one of two ways depending on the person.

Person 1: "That's not bad at all!"


Person 2: "Woah! That's really expensive. I can get a Chinese made one for like $500!"

This is what we usually respond to Person 2:

While it is true that you could get a Chinese built e-bike for a fraction of the price, there are a few things that you won't get from a mass produced e-bike. 

Battery: Many of the e-bikes that come out of China look like Vespas, except these ones have pedals to classify them as e-bikes. The problem with these bikes is that they are heavy. Rather than using a high quality lithium-ion battery, Chinese e-bike manufacturers tend to go for lead-acid battery, which weighs 3x as much. Another negative effect of using a lead-acid battery is that they do not last as long as lithium. On average, lead acid batteries last between 200 and 300 charge cycles. Comparing this number with lithium (500-600 charges), you would have to replace your battery twice as often.  

Quality: One thing that we really pride ourselves on is the fact that we hand build each Titan, maintaining high quality. I don't want you to get me wrong here though; Chinese made products can be very high quality. In fact, 95% of the products that you use are made in China. What I'm saying is that you just won't get the same quality mass producing, compared to measuring every angle and piecing together every single part of the product yourself. Chinese made is still good, Custom built is just better.

Design: Personally, I think that most of the things made in China lack a certain level of aesthetic that North Americans and Europeans have figured out. We offer an original design that you just can't get from China. A lot of work has been put into refining the Titan's design and we're proud of that. Besides, where else can you get a retro motorcycle electric bike at this quality, and at this price?  

Sure, you can get an e-bike for $500, but if you're looking for something quality that will actually make it worthwhile, you're better off buying something a bit more expensive. For the most part in the world of e-bikes, you get what you're paying for.

Xavier Chan