Cost, Savings, And The Fun Factor

As students on a budget, we can confidently tell you that we understand how big of an investment it is to spend $3000 on a bike. What you may not think about however; is the amount of money you would save by commuting with an e-bike instead.

Let's go over the average costs of owning a car, and there are a lot of them. Sorry to give you the ugly truth but the more you know, the better :)!

  • Gas - $1682/year
  • Maintenance - $767/year
  • Taxes - $665/year
  • License and Registration - $50
  • Insurance - varies
  • Interest - 4.56%
  • Parking - $0-$1500 depending on your needs

Totalling everything up, the annual cost of a car is on average, $8698/year. Something more realistic for a person who has a limited budget would be taking the bus:

  • $8 per day, 260 days = $2080/year.

I'm not going to tell you that an e-bike has no overhead after you purchase it, because that would be a lie. The overhead costs of owning an e-bike however, are much lower:

  • Charging - $0.04/50km
  • Maintenance - $100
  • Battery Replacement - depends on how much you ride and how well you take care of your battery. $200

Though switching from a car to an e-bike will save you a huge amount of money, there are also positive effects on the environment, and your mental well being. I don't know about you guys but for me, sitting in traffic is the bane of my existence. 

I could go on and on on about how much money you'll save by switching to an e-bike but while that is true, it's just fun. Since I started commuting with an e-bike, I haven't sat in traffic once and I have to say: It does make commuting that much better.

You might see e-bikes as a either commuters, or toys but why can't it be the best of both? That is part of what we aim to do: turn your dreadful commute into something you actually look forward to. We love building these bikes, and seeing the smiles on everybody who rides one. At the end of the day, isn't enjoying yourself the only thing that matters in life?

Xavier Chan