The Last Time I Ever Choose To Ride a Regular Bike

I've been riding a bike for almost as long as I can remember. Since we started Tempus, My old mountain bike has just been collecting dust so this week, I decided to take it out for a ride. What I realized was: I've been spoiled by e-bikes. 

Since I was a kid, I used to ride my bike everyday to get around town with my friends (usually McDonald's). As a kid, getting a bike gives you so much freedom to travel. It didn't matter to me how good my bike was: how comfortable, how much it costed, or how nice it looked. It was just about the freedom.

Since those days, I have ridden more bikes and e-bikes and I have become more perceptive of how much those things matter when choosing a bike.



My Trek bike has no front or rear suspension. Without suspension, you feel every bump and rock you ride over. It was so annoying that I couldn't even ride on the sidewalk for more than 5 minutes.  You would never notice something as small like that until you've tried both; Comparing the two, I would go for the suspension bike every time, without question.


What most people don't really realize about riding an e-bike is how much faster it goes than a regular bike on average. Sure, you can reach higher top speeds by pedaling a regular bike because it's lighter, but how long can you keep going that fast before you get tired? On our e-bike, I can cruise at 45km/h for 50km without slowing down once. They can turn a 15-20 minute (5km) bike ride into a 7-8 minute one. 


Riding a regular bike, if you see a big hill coming, you try to pick up as much speed as you can, in hopes that you don't get helplessly stuck in the middle of the slope without momentum; I know that you all know what i'm talking about! What I love most about e-bikes is the fact that you can climb hills so effortlessly that you wouldn't even realize that you're on an incline. When you're riding a bike with a motor attached, it's all the same thing. 

The Cool Factor

The real reason we designed the bike how we did was to make it look cool and different. Every time we take The Titan out for a spin, people's heads are always turning to look and I'm not going to lie: it makes you feel like a badass. For some reason, going from turning heads on a electric bike that looks like a motorcycle, to sweating in the heat while trying to make it up a hill just doesn't feel as cool. Maybe at that point, you don't want them to look anyways! 

Now let me make this clear: I know that e-bikes are not ideal for exercising and that regular bicycles will always be better for that. What I am saying is that if you're like me and you enjoy riding a bike for the freedom and shorter travel times they offer more than for the exercise, an e-bike is the way to go.

As nice and functional as they are, The real reason that we love e-bikes is because of how fun they are to ride. The burst of speed when you hit the throttle makes you feel like you're going so fast that it doesn't even matter how long your commute will take; you could literally ride all day. I can think of plenty of times that I've reached home, just to change my mind and keep riding around.

Xavier Chan