Broke With a Dream

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We want to give everyone a better idea of how and why this company was started. 

Two years ago, in July of 2015, Ikenna and I were looking for something productive to do over the summer. Ikenna, already having electric bike building experience, decided that he wanted to challenge himself by building a beautifully designed electric bike, and I knew I could help. So we started, with the goal set on just making something cool. To be honest, it didn't matter what we were doing; we just wanted to make sure it was fun.

At first, it started as a summer project. However, it continued through the rest of the year as well.  Being broke students, we financed the project as well as we could, but as you can imagine: building an e-bike takes much more than a couple hundred dollars. For the first few months after summer, building the bike was extremely slow. We made minimal progress because we couldn't afford the parts needed to actually finish it.

Paying someone to weld the frame costed a fortune alone (most shops don't weld individual frames). Adding in the cost of the motor, battery, wheels, LCD, controller, seat, and contract labour, it was becoming a pretty expensive hobby for two broke 19-year-olds.

When we decided to treat this as a real business, our passion took over, and we really started picking up the pace. We knew that if we wanted to strive in this business, we would have to go all in. Putting in our entire savings and everything we had, this business is now everything we own, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We're pretty happy with where we are, considering what we started with; but as most people do, we will always want more. Ultimately, our goal is to be on the forefront of electric vehicles and design. This is just the beginning.

Xavier Chan