New Years Outlook

Happy New Years from The Tempus Team! Last year, all we had was an idea and a dream. It blows our minds to think about how far we have come since then. We are proud of where we are, and we wouldn't be here without our supporters. Your enthusiasm in what we are doing drives us to improve and outperform ourselves everyday.

Looking towards the new year, we have many big things coming up. In February, we will have our third prototype complete, which will be our best one yet. We are getting closer and closer to our first production run and even the journey leading up to it has been an amazing experience. Sometime during March, we will be driving from Toronto to California, in the hopes of meeting you guys, and letting you test ride a CR-T1. If you would like to meet up with us, let me know where you are and we'll try and make a stop near you. You can reach us at: In Spring (Mid April - Early May) 2017, we will be launching our crowdfunding campaign, during which pre-orders will be available for $4000CAD/$3000 USD (You can reserve your bike now for $599CAD here) .

Words cannot express how grateful we are for your support. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try: THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU. We hope that everyone reached the goals they set for themselves in 2016, and has an even better 2017. We'll see you next year!   

-Xavier and Ikenna

Xavier Chan